Monday, December 8, 2008

Christmastime is here!

This is a closeup of the decorations around the railing. Yes, those are handmade bows.

The view of the railing from inside our apartment.

I was trying to take a closeup of the icicle lights, but it turned out really neat and blurry.

Parking lot view of our apartment's balcony.

Our tiny Christmas tree that hopefully the cats won't knock over this year.

Rex and I decided to decorate a little bit for Christmas last night, so I went to Walmart today to get the lights and such. It took me forever to decide exactly what I wanted to do, and then to find everything I wanted to do it. I think it turned out rather well though. :)
Last week was pretty boring for me, as not too many teacher like to take off the week after a major holiday that they get several days off for. If I did get a call to sub for someone, it was approximately 30 minutes before I would need to be there. So I did not work for BISD last week. I did enjoy getting back to work at the library. The children's librarians were all very excited to see me back. One even told me that when I'm not there everything goes to pot. That made me happy to feel like I'm contributing.
I'm working a half day tomorrow at a high school, and then I get to go see Twilight again with a friend from work. Life is good.

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