Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Howdy Strangers

I know it's my own fault for being a stranger. It's been forever since I've posted anything, so here's what's been going on:
-Rex and I celebrated our 7 month and 8 month anniversaries, as well as Valentine's Day. His birthday is in a little less than 3 weeks so I guess I should find something that will be a surprise to him, since he helped pick out his mp3 player. For the record, it's a black 16G Zune with waves and "the Rexy" engraved on the back. I've been working on putting some of his music on it so he won't have a lot of set-up to do for it.
-I have been sick 4 times since I last posted. I have had: 1) the flu, 2) strep throat, 3) food poisoning, and 4) a cold. That's what I have right now. I know I get sick a lot, but this has just been ridiculous. I also pulled my right thigh muscle a few weeks ago, making it more difficult to keep on the workout routine I've had for myself. In fact, today is the first time I've worked out since I hurt myself. I'm hoping I don't regret it later. I'm putting ice on it. :)
-I've been subbing for a band director at a middle school for the past several days. I'm very excited about this, especially yesterday and today. I actually got to work with the kids instead of just sitting and reading all day like I did last week. The director who is sick was planning on being gone for 2 weeks, but it looks like she'll be back next week. I'm really getting to be known at that school. :)
-I've pretty much decided that next year I will probably be subbing again. Rex and I have been married for nearly a year now and we want to start trying for kids in another year or so. I don't want to get a band directing job just to quit a year later because I'm starting my family. But it's still a little up in the air because it's not guaranteed that we'll even get pregnant right away, so it could possibly be longer that I would be working. We'll see. I do like having a day off whenever I want/need it.
-Rex is turning the big 2-7 on April 20. We don't have any plans as of yet, other than both of us having a day off together. That will be nice. :)
-We went to UT for Spring Break, and I met Rex's grandparents and went skiing for the first time. It's funny that we've been married for nearly 9 months and I'm jsut now meeting them, but oh well. They were very nice. Skiing was horrible at first, but then I took a class and it got a lot better. I stuck to the bunny slopes and Rex stayed with me except when I made him go do the harder runs so he would have fun too. He said he was having fun being with me, but I know he wanted to go out too. I'm so selfless! Or something. :)
-I have been called to the position of Ward Music Chairperson and Choir Director. I'm excited about this calling, because it's one I've never had before. I've gotten my parents' ward choir ready for Stake choir, but that's about it. My choral expertise is a little lacking, but I do know quite a bit about music so hopefully that will make up for it. I just have to decide which of my other callings I want not to have any longer.
I can't think of a whole lot else we've been doing. Just working working working for the most part. I'm looking forward to the days when Rex and I both will be off of work and get to spend time to gether. Marriage is great, the cats are cuddly and cute, and work is good. Life is awesome.

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