Monday, November 10, 2008

Peer pressure isn't always a bad thing

So I've decided to give in to the pressurings of the family (well, they haven't really been pressuring me...I just wanted one too! I mean, everybody's doing it.) and get one of these fancy-schmancy blogspot thingies. :) I already have my blog on myspace, but it seems that people who don't want a myspace account want to know what's goin on with me too. Who knew?
Anyway, in 9 days Rex and I will have been married for four months. It's crazy! Sometimes it feels like we just got married yesterday, and other times it feels like so much longer. I love spending time with him (even though lately we only get to see each other when he gets home at night and on weekend evenings) and we always have something to talk about. lately it's been a lot of political stuff, but that's definitely subsiding since the election has been over for almost a week now. I still haven't found courage to go visit his family, but hopefully I'll be brave soon. They really are quite nice, for Republicans. most of the time. :)
For those of you who are unaware, I am a former band director-turned substitute teacher/librarian. It's not particularly a matter of choice that I am no onger a band director, it's just I did this little thing called getting married during the summer and that kinda preoccupied me for about a month there when I should have been looking for a job. But I still get to spend more time with Rex than I would if I were a band director this year. It's nice having my Friday nights free. Anyway, hopefully this whole substituting thing will get my foot in the door well enough for BISD to hire me as a band director for the upcoming school year. Rex is working at Jack in the Box Distribution Center in the warehouse and we're hoping that he will get a schedule that allows us to spend more time together. We're trying to get stuff paid off so that we can save money for him to go to culinary school. He is such a wonderful cook! I love it when he cooks dinner for me on the weekends.
I apologise for any spelling or grammatical errors in this blog posting....our cat Jake has decided that I don't really need to see the computer monitor as long as I can see the keyboard.

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Carla said...

I remember how helpful Jake can be...

Glad you got around to putting this together, so I can try to keep up with stuff there. Who knows, maybe someday I'll have something worth writing about too! Nah, probably not.