Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Freak of the Week- Katy style

Up until today, life has been pretty awesome for Rex and me. Then today happened. I took my husband's car in to the shop this morning to get the window fixed because it keeps falling down. I also asked them to take a look at the car and make sure it's still all good. Here's the break down:
1) Upper and lower intake gasket combination-$734.10
2) Outer tie rod ends and alignment- $248.15
3) Engine oil pan gasket-$536.04
4) Transmission oil pan gasket and filter- $165.69
5) Brake line flush- $99.95
6) Window regulator and motor- $404.29
Total: $2188.22
When I got the news I held it together while I was on the phone with the repair shop guy, but as soon as I hung up I started crying and called my mom. She was able to calm me down a little bit, but I'm still freaking out quite a bit. What newly married couple has that kind of extra money laying around? Other than celebrities, which we aren't (even though I think we're awesome enough to be famous, but I wouldn't want all that attention. Just the money). So my day is shaping up to be the day from hell. I have to work tonight too, which I don't know how I'll get through without breaking down crying again like I have every few minutes since I got the call. The worst is that I can't talk to Rex about it because he's at work and can't have his phone so I have to wait until 3 when he gets off. It's better that he has these last few hours not to worry. I'm going to have to sub every day and then go to work at the library straight after. I'm going to be so exhausted, it makes me tired just to think of it. I just want to go back to bed and pretend like today never happened.


Sylvia said...

Like, WHOA. Freak of the week is right! Do all those things need to be done at the same time, or could you wait a couple of months for some of them? Or maybe Rex will just say you guys should get a new car. I'll try to send some happy thoughts your way. :-|

Katy and Rex said...

Except for the window repair, the other issues are pretty pressing. Rex and I decided to trade that car in and get a new(er) car instead. Something like a Toyota that is generally much more reliable than Pontiacs are. Thanks though!